In May, my younger sister graduated from college and found herself thrown head-first into the next stage of her life during the middle of global pandemic. She, like many others, is struggling - struggling with the reality of the world right now, and struggling to find her way as a brand-new adult.

Recently, I could tell she really needed some help. So, I did what all good big brothers should do for their struggling younger sibling - I recommended she listen to the new Ava Max album.

In my mind, there is no better music recommendation than a pop album

At the end of 2019 I relocated across the country without a job in search of an exciting new life adventure. Some called it naiveté; I called it brave. #yolo

Once I settled in, my fun adventure quickly turned into hardship - finding a job in my new city proved to be a lot harder than I was expecting, and before I knew it, my “short-term job hunt” turned into my new way of life.

I’ve now been looking for my next role for over half a year, and I have learned a lot about how to “deal.”

I can’t…

Earlier this year (after much delay), English band, The 1975, released their fourth full-length LP — their longest, boldest and most complex album yet — ‘Notes On a Conditional Form’.

The album explores seemingly every genre of music while also making subtle and frequent references to the band’s signature sounds and lyrics. It’s also their first album that includes features by other artists.

Below is my unprofessional and biased attempt at breaking down each track:

The 1975

As with all 1975 albums, ‘Notes’ begins with a self-titled opening track - this time, however, instead of once again remaking their classic

When I opened up Medium recently to start my first story, I found a three-year-old draft titled, “Why I decided to write,” sitting there staring at me.

As it turns out, that’s all I had decided to write. Below those words was an entirely empty page.

I don’t remember what brought me to that blank page three years ago. Maybe it was after one of many long days I spent working at an advertising agency in Chicago, and I was feeling either completely inspired, or just completely empty. …

Erik M.

Empath. Twitter: @ienjoyhandclaps

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